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Critelli's Furniture & Mattress in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
(877) 322-1172 • (905) 684-8108
Unlimited Possibilities, Unbeatable Values
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Critelli Domestic & Imported Furniture Collections

About Critelli Furniture 100 Year Legacy

The passionate staff at Critelli Furniture Stores in St Catharines & Niagara Region take the time to help you select the best furniture pieces for the best price. Our complimentary interior design service will ensure your new furniture will reflect your own personal style. We proudly serve: St Catharines, Niagara, Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Ancaster, Carlisle, Burlington and Oakville. Whether you're looking to complement your living room, dining room or bedroom with that perfect touch, or completely make over an entire space, you will be excited to find the furniture you'd wish you always had!

It can be a fun and rewarding experience furnishing your home but, when the time comes to buy furniture, where do you begin? How can you be sure that your project will all come together?

Whether YOU intend to buy furniture for the living room, or dining room, or you plan on furnishing an entire home, you can always count on the quality, integrity and service offered by the entire Critelli fine furniture team.

Furniture Stores

Well, you can start the process by spending a little time here on our Critelli Fine Furniture website. You'd be amazed at the thousands of images available to inspire your imagination.

Then, when you’re ready, come into our St Catharines, Niagara based furniture store and our design staff will help you pick out an item that you love. It can be a piece of bedroom furniture, art, lamp, or even a simple style, vase or colour. Once we have helped you determine your own personal style, the balance of your project will easily come together around your own original inspiration.

When you are about to buy furniture for your home, ask yourself an important question about the fine furniture you intend to purchase. Is your purchase really, I mean really better than ordinary? For example; we know that when people want to buy furniture that has a romance to it, it is hard to find in the usual places. We’ll help make their lives the way they wish they were.

Whether your personal style is formal or casual, traditional or modern, or even eclectic, the design staff at Critelli Fine Furniture have the knowledgeenthusiasm and expertise to provide you with the personal assistance you've been looking for to buy furniture with confidence.

Magnificently furnished homes don't simply happen by chance, they develop their character and uniqueness over time and that is what the fine furniture experts at Critelli's understand best!

Buy Furniture from Critellis

You will appreciate hand crafted, heirloom quality pieces for your home, manufactured to last a lifetime or more that will be handed down through the generations to your heirs. As described best in a testimonial from one client who knew he wanted to buy Stickley furniture;

Some day my Stickley will become heirlooms-but for now, Stickley is my home.

What legendary brands of fine furniture can you expect to find on your search through our website or throughout our four entire floors of showrooms?

You'll find dozens fine furniture brands such as; Hancock and Moore leather upholstery, Selva furniture made by true artisans in Italy and Barrymore custom upholstery made in Canada.

Maitland Smith, Theodore Alexander and Jonathan Charles are just a few of the imported resources our clients are looking to for the most interesting pieces of fine furniture as well as being known for offering the finest reproduction of 18th and 19th century antiques.

We are continually visiting the world's best manufacturers in our ongoing quest to offer our discriminating clients the latest styles, in all of the most current fabrics, leathers and finishes.

Wherever you happen to be in your search for furnishing your dream home, we invite you to experience the entire assortment of fine furniture at Critelli's and at our sister store Transitions.

We look forward to helping you buy furniture for your St. Catharines, Niagara or Stoney Creek home and are dedicated to providing you fine furniture for life

Customer Reviews

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Gina R.
 via e-mail

Thank you for having Critelli's as one of your retailers. I purchased a sleeper sofa and unfortunately i chose a fabric swatch i didn't care for . It was my mistake totally. I called Joe Critelli and he was simply amazing.. He offered to order another fabric, but I opted to take the floor model. If you want a role model for customer service selling your product - it's Critelli Furniture - Joe Critelli

Lorelei B. on Google Maps

We found Critelli Furniture and particularly Misette Critelli, who is the manager, extremely helpful. We are from Manitoba and were looking for 2 chairs missing from a set of 12. Misette made arrangements for shipping and was prompt in answering questions by email and phone. She even went so far as to send photos of the chairs so that we could see what condition they were in. I would recommend Critelli Furniture and their on-line service to anyone who is shopping for furniture.

Michael D. on Google Maps


Critelli's Fine Furniture is the ideal location to visit when looking to meet all of your furnishing needs.

They carry the absolute best quality solid wood furniture that you cannot find in other locations. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable about the products that they have. They have a deep appreciation for how things are crafted, the workmanship that goes into each item and sense of style of the items that they carry.

When purchasing any item from Critelli's, you will walk away confident in your purchase because you leave knowing and understanding what you have bought because they take the time to educate you in the process.

The sales staff are genuinely kind and friendly and they truly value their customers. They present options and will walk you through all the different possibilities and combinations that they have. They listen carefully to your likes and dislikes and adjust what they present in accordance with your tastes until you find those items you will fall in love with.

Purchasing amazing quality furniture may at first seem like a challenging task. Critelli's Furniture not only makes this an easy to complete process, but overall an enjoyable and pleasant experience. You will leave happy with what you have purchased and come back for years to come for all future furnishing needs. I know that I will.

Anonymous on Facebook

Excellent store! Everyone was extremely helpful from the first time I walked in to the store to when my furniture was delivered. Great experience!

John E. on Facebook

The best in Canada!


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