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3 Considerations When Buying a Mattress

springs Is your mattress be preventing you from a good nights sleep? Good sleep is particularly important, and has an effect on how well you function during the day. If you are not sleeping soundly, you may be suffering from a Goldilocks situation with your mattresses. In this case, we are confident that we can find the right mattress for you. Nowadays, mattresses come in a variation of different brands and models, similar to cars. You may not be interested in test driving different types of mattresses, but it is essential to make an informed choice about the mattress that is right for you. The current mattress types we offer are:

  • Memory Foam Mattresses
  • Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattresses
  • Latex Mattresses
  • Innerspring Mattresses

Each mattress style has its own particular array of variances in construction and sleep benefit. Your mattress is undoubtedly the most important furniture acquisition you will ever make. The quality and fit of your mattress has a direct impact on the sleep that you get on a nightly basis, which affects the way you approach your daily life. To ensure that you are choosing the correct mattress, it is important to be aware of a couple things. Firstly, you always test your mattress. Would you purchase a car without test driving it first? Most likely not. This is the reason most mattress stores offer sleep guarantees. When going to a mattress showroom, always take the time to lie down and test the mattress before you buy it. Lay down in your usual sleeping position, and if you share a bed with a partner make sure that they are there to test it as well. memory foamThe Firmness of the Mattress: Every mattress will be offered in many different levels of firmness, and the best mattress for you is usually the one that you find most comfortable, as long as it offers the right level of support. The variance between a soft and firm mattress is that you are sleeping ON the surface of a firm mattress, but sleeping IN the padding of a soft mattress. It is important to keep in mind that if you are making the transition from a hard to a soft mattress, or vice versa, it will take some time for your body to adjust to the new surface. The Edges of your Mattress: The edges of the mattress are frequently overlooked, however, they are more important than you think. The edges are where the first signs of wear begin to appear because it receives the most amount of pressure (from when you get in or out of bed). There are a few options for edge support to be conscious of. First is a high density foam perimeter approximately 4 inches thick that surrounds the whole parameter of the mattress body. With an innerspring mattress, some manufacturers will leave a space of coils closer together on the perimeter of the mattress or they will add spacer clips to avoid collapse of the clips over time. The Foundation of your Mattress: Don't overlook the foundation of your mattress, it is just as important as the mattress itself. The foundation of the mattress, box spring or an adjustable motorized frame, it fully supports the mattress and every movement on the mattress. The foundation of a mattress usually has a perfect paired mattress because they work together to keep you at the maximum level of comfort. If you are purchasing a new mattress, you should also buy a new foundation. If your new mattress is placed on your old foundation, it will wear out much faster than if you paired it with the matching foundation. If you have further questions about buying a new mattress, or have no idea where to begin, contact Critelli's in St. Catharines for assistance. We are happy to serve all of southern Ontario for their mattress needs.