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5 Reasons to put a Critelli Hand Knotted Rug in your Room

5 Reasons to put a Critelli Hand Knotted Rug in your Room

It's amazing how much a rug can inspire a room. If you're looking to transform a room in your home, an area rug is the way to do it. Whether you're looking to add something unique, colour, or simply make it more comfortable Critelli's Rug Market has something for you. Critelli's rugs come from all over the world and are proudly hand knotted by skilled weavers making them a one-of-a-kind heirloom! 

Now let's look at 5 reasons to add a rug into your home.

  • 1. Hand knotted rugs can last for a life time and become a family heirloom. The Critelli Rug Market carries rugs of the finest quality as the master weavers only use the finest materials for production. Each hand knotted rug is made with either 100% wool from the neck of the sheep or silk and wool. After the wool is hand spun it is died with only vegetable colours, ensuring the colour will last a life time.
  • 2. Rugs are a form of art work. They bring colour, graphical elements, and design into the room and help create a unique floor space you never thought you could achieve. Many people even choose to hang their beautiful hand knotted rugs on their wall as a form of art. 

  • 3. Rugs can tie together a rooms colour scheme. Whether its toss pillows, art or the colour of the walls a rug can work as well, or if not better at pulling the room together. When you find that rug you love you can also easily work your room around it.
  • 4. Rugs work everywhere! In your living room, dining room, bedroom or office, area rugs feel right at home in any room. At the Critelli Rug Market we have sizes available for all different room shapes and sizes.
  • 5. Rugs add warmth and comfort to any room. Nowadays with solid surface floors such as tile and hardwood, rooms often need something to warm up the room. And don't forget the comfort they will add to the floor!

Now you are equipped with the perfect reasons to put a rug in your home! Come to the Critelli Rug Market in St. Catharines to see our newly displayed rugs from India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Our rugs are one-of-a-kind and the only ones of their quality in the whole country! Have more questions about rugs? No problem! We have rug specialists in our showrooms that are happy to assist you. Visit us today