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An Arm Chair to Complement Your Sofa

You have just acquired a brand new sofa and it looks great in your living room, but you have a couple of bare spots that need something ~ Ah! What you need is an arm chair to compliment your sofa. This is where our furniture store comes into play. We have a large selection of styles, colors, and shapes of arm chairs. We can match the color of the arm chair to with your couch or we can find upholstery which will compliment it. One of the most inviting arm chairs that we have in stock is the Stic ....

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Watching Out for TV Stands

There are no more well crafted example of our love affair with television than tv stands. These home entrainment centres are ubiquitous as the flat screen, the DVR and the DVD player, and if they are of good quality then all of these devices can find their place inside of contemporary tv stands. The need for entrainment is a huge necessity for most people and the invention of tv stands was birthed from that necessity. If you consider the variety out there to choose from, you can conclude that pe ....

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The Allure of Stoney Creek Furniture

Ontario is a region known for an appreciation of craftsmanship and there a fewer examples of this than furniture in the Stoney Creek area. Stoney Creek became a city around 1984 and has become more and more metropolitan. The city's enthusiasm for fine furniture is supported by the growing and ever present availability of fine home decorations and the character of this appreciation makes the region unique. Like much of the design tastes within the Americas, Stoney Creek has a kinship with old ....

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