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Niagara Furniture: It's not all Amish and Mission Style

The area of Niagara Falls and Niagara furniture often go hand in hand as this location for many hundreds of years has been home to some of the finest furniture craftsmen in the world. Early settlers in the area brought their Dutch, German and English furniture crafting techniques with them and ever since, the area has been a hub for handcrafted goods of the finest sorts. Today, Amish and Mission style furniture abounds in and around Niagara. But it's not just Amish and Mission style Niagara ....

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The Art of Fine Furniture Design

  In several cases, homeowners pursue interior designs that feature fine furnishings and accessories themselves or seek the professional advice of an interior decorator, the popular trend of fine furniture design is as classic as the furniture is itself. With an exceptional emphasis on solid construction, maximized for comfort and designed to suit a wide variety of styles, fine furniture is the cornerstone of any well-crafted design scheme. Hardwood furniture serves as an investment into your ....

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