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How to be Stay-cation Ready for This Season

Are you ready to accommodate all of your relatives and friends this summer? We can't run from it any longer, the season for stay-cations are upon us! Friends, family, in-laws, what have you, are packing up and coming to visit this summer whether you like it or not! We cannot deny the beauty of southern Ontario! The question is, is you home prepared? Have you considered a sofa bed in your home? We assure you, the designs are just as fabulous as they are comfy. Get ready for a spare bedroom i ....

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4 Top Choices to Add Sophistication to your Home

Today, we introduce to you four of the most exclusive and attractive pieces to purchase right now at Critelli Furniture. These items are both intricately designed and stunningly dazzling! From the refined nature of the Stickley Mission collection to the dim rich hues of oak, mahogany and other hard woods You will find the look is darling (but even more the price)! If you see a piece you adore, send us a message on Facebook, or visit Critelli's today and experience our amazing Factory Outlet se ....

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