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Get Your Rugs Right!

What can accentuate a space while tying all elements of a room together? What adds colour and texture to a room without becoming the main focal point? What can last a life time and never go out of style? I think you’ve guessed it: RUGS! Rugs are beautiful pieces of art that, when done right, can complement the interior design of any room. But what is the right way to position a rug? After these quick tips and a little advice from one of our designers, you’ll never place a rug in the wrong s ....

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What are you doing wrong with your living room?

4 mistakes everyone makes when designing their living room The first space that you enter after a long day, the first place your guest’s see and where you build memoires. Living rooms are just that: the rooms where we live. We spend the majority of our time at home in our living room so why not make this space just the way you want it? The living room of your dreams may be closer than you think. We asked our designers what they believe are the biggest mistakes people make when designing their ....

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Tips and Tricks for a New Mattress

Purchasing the perfect mattress for you can be challenging, especially when making decisions on size, firmness, and durability.  That’s why we want you to have this quick guide to make your purchase as easy as possible. Type When choosing a mattresses, the amount available to you can seem daunting. Here are 3 types that can help make you more knowledgeable when purchasing the right one for you: Innerspring: These mattresses contain coils that distribute the body weight evenly throughout s ....

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We know you’re ready for summer, but is your home?

Saying goodbye to the snow and salt was easy, and with a few days of summer behind us we sure are ready to embrace the sun with open arms, but can you say the same about your home? Here are a few tips to keep your house feeling easy, breezy and beautiful. Freshen Up Pack up the heavy accessories, thick throw blankets and pull back the curtains, let the sun shine through to give any space that luminous feel.  Brighten up dark walls with colourful art pieces or add bright fabrics to lift the m ....

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