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Dare to be Stressless - Planned with Your Well-Being in Mind



Whether you've heard of Stressless by Ekornes, or not, it's very easy to guess why several people are making the change. Stressless furniture is one of the most well-known comfort furniture brands on the market design, utility and comfort are all at the heart of the Stressless operation. Many people have their individual reasons for adoring Stressless we've came up with a couple benefits that we applaud for your well-being. We'll make your choice to transition to Stressless a lot easier your chiropractor may even approve of our suggestions. Features that will alter your life, starting with the most sanctified times of your day relaxing.



Stressless Unique Glide System: follows your specific body movements naturally we put this number one on our list. The Stressless Glide system will help support the active motions you have a habit of to making while seated. It will then memorize your likings in one easy, simple step. As you lean back you will appreciate the delightful feeling of the recliner following your every single movement hands free. Stressless is proudly endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.



Stressless seating is exclusive for your body, working with you and your curves: The Stressless personalized fit is offered in three distinctive shapes: small, medium, and large. Furniture has a duty to fit your body just like your clothing, hugging your unique curves and movements. Renowned Stressless technologyputs your seating in agreement with your body all of the time.



Beautiful design and excellent Leather: Stressless recliners have the upmost comfort and they assure a tailor-made design with your selection of colour for genuine leather that will best fit your home. Ekornes fabrics are prepared from great quality materials that provide great stability. Whenever Ekornes selects a fresh fabric for the collection, they are put through a wide range of tests to fulfil their strict demands. Only the finest textiles that can endure a wide range of uses are accepted. We encourage you to try it, come visit our Stressless showroom in St. Catharines for all your Stressless needs you will not regret it. We answer to all of southern Ontario (Toronto, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Niagara, etc.).


Stressless living is the perfect mixture of comfort, utility and style. From now until January 18th, get up to $400 off select Stressless pieces when you donate $50 to the First Ontario Performing Arts Center, here in downtown St. Catharines.