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Darwin and Office Chairs?

Charles Darwin, yes, the famous naturalist, in addition to his other contributions, and the innovator of the modern functional office, is the great-grand father of office chairs and the first person to see the necessity of having a seat with wheels that can quickly access all things around you.

Office chairs were made to make sure that you can feel free to move about and work at your convenience, without being tied solely to your desk or to any one location. What forced office chairs to be so quickly redesigned and re-purposed to so many different varieties of necessity, was the creation and the expansion of the office environment to include all sorts of different tools that were becoming the standard for what would be the modern office. Office chairs and desks were the first features, of even the most basic office, during the most primeval beginning of the professional world.

The 19th century rail system brought office workers to their office chairs as the century turned and the professional work force grew around the western world, as the model of the family business gave way to industry, and expansive floors, with numerous office workers and versatile office chairs. Also as the administrative staff grew and grew it became necessary for office chairs to take on an air of authority that had previously been reserved for only the most affluent member of any business. In the old days these were usually the home office chairs of the matriarchs of the family controlled businesses and they would regularly resemble thrones in their way and construction.

A fine example of the functionality of high quality office chairs can be found in the Florida Room Gamers Chairs. These office chairs are designed with both work and play in mind and will allow you to maneuver around your desk or around any table with grace and ease. These office chairs are meant to convey the ability to make the most out of your mobility and to have everything in your office quickly accessible. Every consideration has been given to making these office chairs.

The High Back Executive Office Chair is another option that provides a more dynamic and powerful feel to your office environment without being too distracting, self important or ostentatious in its way or design. With a modern feel also consider the Everett Swivel Tilt Chair; these office chairs are some of the most high quality office chairs available on the market and are an effective way of maximizing the potential of your office space.

If you have a clear vision of how you want yourself to be presented to the people you work with then you should have a clear idea of the kind of office chairs that will help to make this presence felt. Office chairs are a type of furnishing that is designed to meet the needs and the purposes behind the way you do business and how you want that business to be presented. Quality office chairs are made to make an impression on those who enter your office and the people who come into your sphere of professionalism. So when you check out the catalogue keep your mind focused on your agenda.