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Exquisite Bar Furniture

There is a sense of pride and excitement when it comes to owning your own bar, especially when you are able to inject some of your own personality into it. Bar furniture creates the atmosphere for your bar, so by choosing the right furnishings you can turn your bar into either a high-class joint or a dirty dive. The key to buying the right kind of bar furniture is to look at the places you like to spend your time drinking and hanging out with your friends. By doing this you will be able to come up with a clear image of the bar you want in your home. Speakeasy's were among the most popular home bars in history, but people of distinguished taste have been keeping bars in their homes for some time. There are examples of 18th century bar furniture featuring classical decorative wood work and inlays that would put many modern craftsman to shame. On the completely opposite end of the spectrum there was a revival of the home bars during the boom times of post modern design that led to some classic innovations in bar furniture. Today the bar furniture movement is being driven by the man cave movement and the never ending number of social drinkers who want to entertain their friends and family in their home. These two groups are by no means the same; each having a wide range of opinions concerning the bar furniture aesthetic. The biggest difference between the man cave dweller and the home party monster is a matter of style and design preferences; the man cave requires less furnishing while the entertainer always wants more and more. Especially fine bar furniture to reflect their elegant taste. The Estate Mahogany Finished Bar Cart is an example of how the man cave can acquire a very sparse piece of bar furniture and still be an effectively designed relax area. The bar cart comes with a Swivel Top for ease of access and a removable tray for serving. It is a very basic example of bar furniture that is meant to accommodate one to three people comfortably. Adding another bit of class, the cabin provides brass accents that add an air of sophistication to the piece. A more sophisticated example of bar furniture is the Aged Regency Mahogany Finished Bar, which can serve six or more people and house enough spirits for twice that many at a good sized social gathering. It comes with a stylish brass footrest and is made of solid mahogany with crotch veneers that is contrasted against a black marble top that makes this fine example of bar furniture a fine and lasting investment. This piece is perfect if you prefer not to drink alone or if you just want to play bartender for the evening.

When you decide to install a bar in your home you consider your bar furniture very carefully and consider where you like to spend your drinking time. If you prefer to drink alone, then a simple float bar will be a sufficient piece of bar furniture. But if you want a lot of people to appreciate your space then a full bar is for you. Have a look through the catalogue to make the best place for your next drink.