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Get Your Rugs Right!

What can accentuate a space while tying all elements of a room together? What adds colour and texture to a room without becoming the main focal point? What can last a life time and never go out of style? I think you’ve guessed it: RUGS! Rugs are beautiful pieces of art that, when done right, can complement the interior design of any room. But what is the right way to position a rug?

After these quick tips and a little advice from one of our designers, you’ll never place a rug in the wrong spot again!

Living Room

·         Choosing a rug size that complements the furnishings in the room creates a cohesive look for a living space.

·         The bigger the rug, the bigger the room feels. Try to stay away from postage size rugs.

·         If the rug is big enough have all four legs of the surrounding furniture on the rug; this adds a more aesthetic finish. If not, ensure that the front two legs fit on the rug.

·         A carefully placed rug will anchor the space and create a defined area for entertaining, working or relaxing.

Juanita’s Tip: When redesigning your living room: buy your rug first. Choosing a rug is just like choosing a piece of art; based on the rug you choose, it will be easy to match multiple colours and textures to the room.

Dining Room

·         The rug in a dining room should be centered under the dining table.

·         Ideally, having 60 centimeters of rug added to each side of your dining table will allow your diners to pull back their chairs and still remain comfortably on the rug. 

·         Choosing a flat rug for the dining room will make moving chairs in an out easier; a rug is also less susceptible to marks from heavy furniture legs with a flatter rug.

·         A patterned rug under a glass-topped table adds an additional design element that will take center stage when your guests are seated at the table.

Juanita’s Tip: A rug can allow a room to flow perfectly, pulling every element in the room to make it work. Adding a rug to your dining room completes the look. 


·         A colourful and warm rug adds comfort to your bedroom.

·         Placing a large rug so it creates a perimeter around the lower two-thirds of your bed.

·         Always have a proportionate amount of your rug protruding beyond the bed, like a picture frame.

·         Ensure that your rug sits underneath your bed side tables or begins just after them. Having too much or too little on one side will make the room look unbalanced

·         Leave around a half metre gap between your rug and your outer wall

Juanita’s Tip: The style of rug can determine the theme and design style of your space. Adding rug to your bedroom would instantly make it cozy.  

“Buy a rug once, and make it last forever”- Juanita Hammond, Interior Designer- Critelli Furniture


Stay tuned next week to find more about Crielli’s Rug Market’s famous hand knotted rugs!