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Hand Woven Rugs: The Story behind Critelli's one-of-a-Kind Rugs


If you've had the chance to come see the Critelli Rug Market you would agree that the only word we could use to describe them is breathtaking. However, with their beauty comes extreme exclusivity, in fact, Critelli's and

These hand woven rugs are made by the best rug weavers in Pakistan. The production can take a number of years, depending on the size of the rug. They only use the finest materials to manufacture these rugs which include

  • semi-worsted wool,
  • cotton,
  • New Zealand wool,
  • hair-on-hide,
  • silk,
  • viscose
  • and linen

Each rug features incredibly intricate designs and one is never the same as another. The many generations of women that make these rugs do not rely on any patterns, they just rely only on their creativity and artistic ideas. Furthermore, we support the ethical production of rugs and we assure you that no child labour is involved in the production.




As they are made in Pakistan, the only way for us to acquire these rugs is by sending someone to get them. All things considered, obtaining these rugs is not an easy task. One of our rug specialists Nadeem, who is so very passionate about the rugs, spared everything to get them to southern Ontario from Pakistan. With the help of the Pakistani army, Nadeem was able to enter the war ridden country. The road was not easy but with great courage he never quit. As the famous quote says: "with great risk comes great reward", Nadeem successfully and safely transported four shipments of rugs from the dangerous lands of the Middle East to Critelli's and Transitions in St Catharines. There is no doubt that these rugs are original. There is no time to waste! If you are searching for that perfect and unique rug for your home come visit Critelli's in St. Catharines, where all of these exclusive hand woven rugs are here for you to enjoy.




Here at Critelli's we have two rug specialists in our showroom to best present the rugs to you and answer all of your questions. Do not miss out on the chance to complete your space with the most unique rugs available. Starting Monday July 13th, 2015, all of our unique rugs will be on display for you to purchase. Be the first to see and experience the magnificent array of rugs on display at our stores. Exclusively, on Wednesday July 15th and Thursday July 16th, both of our rug specialists will be at Critelli's from 10am until 6pm to showcase all of the rugs and answer all of your questions.

There is no time to waste and these rugs won't be around much longer. Get them while you can!

Create the opportunity to visit us during our 2 day event and let our qualified staff help you. Pre-book your appointment with us now! 905-684-8108 or 905-682-7600.