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Looking to make an impact to your Living Room?

Your Living Room is usually the first room people see when they enter your home. It is where you spend most of your time with family or friends. It is the centerpiece of your home.

With these 3 tips you can create a space that not only facilitates conversation but brings people closer together.


Does something just feel off about your space? Sometimes its as easy as adding a little balance to your room. Having a pair of matching sofas across from each other or having a pair of pendant lights on either side of your fire place creates a symmetry that allows you to be more playful with the placement of other art, accessories and accent furniture. A rearrangement of furniture has potential to be an instant game changer.


Your living room should have a main focal point that your attention draws to most. By mirroring your sofas, you instantly create a focal point for you and your guests. This will facilitate conversation by making it easier to socialize with family and friends.



Create a space that is simple; adding to many small furniture pieces can create a cluttered feel. Instead, if you entertain larger parties think of adding longer seating pieces that fit more people. This will create an illusion of a larger space, offering a cleaner look for your guests. 

A living room should compliment your style and create a welcoming feel for your guests. We our proud to have Southern Ontario’s Leading Furniture and Rug Design Team.