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Magniflex Introduces Nuvola Collection

Sleep is an essential activity in our lives, just like eating and breathing. Considering humans spend 1/3 of their lives sleeping, wouldn’t you want to make sure to get the best sleep possible? Learning to sleep well leads to a healthy lifestyle and Magniflex helps you make sure you achieve that. With constant innovation, Magniflex meets customer needs for comfort, relaxation and healthy living.

Magniflex debuted a brand-new mattress collection, The Nuvola Collection and we are here to tell you all about it!

This new collection maintains a contemporary and modern look and is available in 10 or 12-inch. It features Dual Core technology- the sleep innovation that allows couples to adjust their comfort with a quick zip and flip of the internal foam cores.

The Nuvola Collection contains both Thermic fabric and Aquabreeze foam.

Thermic material gives a cool, yet comfortable sensation that is designed to last all night. It absorbs body heat generated while sleeping, stores the energy and then releases it generating a sensation of coolness in contact with the body. The material is applied to the natural viscose fabric on the top side of the mattress cover, a highly breathable fabric that provides freshness and a constant airflow.

Aquabreeze is a plush yet resilient foam that offers a high elastic recovery and increased flexibility. The internal structure of the foam features an open-cell construction, which increases airflow within the mattress for enhanced freshness and coolness.

Spend your nights the right way and come into Critelli’s Mattress and Sleep Centre to test drive your new Magniflex Nuvola Mattress!