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Niagara Furniture: It's not all Amish and Mission Style


The area of Niagara Falls and Niagara furniture often go hand in hand as this location for many hundreds of years has been home to some of the finest furniture craftsmen in the world. Early settlers in the area brought their Dutch, German and English furniture crafting techniques with them and ever since, the area has been a hub for handcrafted goods of the finest sorts. Today, Amish and Mission style furniture abounds in and around Niagara. But it's not just Amish and Mission style Niagara furniture that makes this place so abundant in fine furniture and woodworking. For over one hundred years, Critelli's Fine Furniture has been providing Niagara and the surrounding areas with the best in handcrafted and name brand furniture. When you want the tried and true build of handcrafted quality but with the sophisticated and upscale feel of a popular name brand, look no further than Critelli Fine Furniture. Whether you need a few small accent pieces to compliment your existing interior design or you're looking to create an entire furniture layout from scratch, Critelli's Furniture can help you to make the most out of your interior design ideas. While many visitors come to the Niagara area for the beautiful falls, they also come for the sweet and delicious local fruits, the fine dining and the area's furniture. Although it's easy enough to pack your smaller finds away in the trunk of your car for the return trip home, furniture tends to be a more difficult item to move over long locations in a small vehicle. At Critelli's Fine Furniture, you'll never have to worry about transporting your Niagara furniture finds back home and possibly damaging them in the process. Critelli Furniture offers all customers white gloves delivery so you can rest assured in knowing that your purchase will arrive in perfect shape, right to your door. Once you schedule a delivery time at your own convenience, Critelli staff inspects each item before leaving the warehouse. Wrapped in a special delivery blanket to protect it from possible shipping damages, our experienced delivery drivers will bring your furniture pieces directly to your home. After being placed precisely where you want it, your new furniture will be carefully unwrapped and cleaned and ready to be enjoyed for decades to come. Even though thousands of visitors flock to Niagara Falls each year, there are many people who call this place home year round. With the numerous fine homes dotting the gorgeous lakes, rivers and mountains that surround this beautiful city, it's easy to see why Niagara furniture is so important to us. Residents of the area are sure to take advantage of the affordable quality furniture that can be found throughout our stores. Here at Critelli's Fine Furniture, we take pride in not only having the best handcrafted fine furniture, but also in our many services that help to make your house a home. From our in-house design consultations to our knowledgeable sales staff, Critelli staff is here to help you find the best furniture for your home or business. Give us a call or visit our showroom and get the most out of your Niagara furniture store showroom and service professionals.