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Oak Furniture - Why Not Have It All .. Both Form And Function

Oak furniture has a special way of drawing the eye and enhancing any room or design scheme in the home. Wood itself is an especially unique material in modern and contemporary furnishing, in comparison with the advent of glass and metal, and oak furniture is a premium example of that material. Furthermore, Stickley is fine example of a quality manufacturing company that focuses its efforts on making oak furniture and its use of the material is both refreshing and creative.

The Stickley Company was founded in 1908 and they have done a wonderful job of perfecting oak furniture, as quality is paramount for this company, and quality is important when considering which pieces will work with your own design scheme. Stickley's first efforts at oak furniture concepts originally revolved around mission style furniture, and have evolved into fabulous timeless designs. However, you can find Stickley oak in a variety of styles, which include Louis Phillipe and Williamsburg to name a few.

Another solid design concept for oak furniture is the Stickley Three Drawer Chest. It is modest in its scope, purpose and design, made up of clean precise lines, which build a rather mellow catharsis for the eye. It's a solid oak bachelor's chest which can be a great addition for a child's room or a young person's first apartment; being economical in terms of space, but of such quality that it can be re-purposed or passed down as is seen fit as oak is both practical and very classy.

The Gustav Stickley Collector Chest is a direct and compact example of oak furniture that holds a lot of possibilities in a very simple package. The finish is oak and well made; the grain working in conjunction with the overall shape and composition, which is indicative of all the thought put into its construction. Another nice addition is the dark copper handles which add old world sustenance to the composition.

If you are looking to design a room with oak furniture for one or more children or for a person with a large fold-able wardrobe you should consider the Stickley Highboy Chests and Dresser to make the most of the space in the room. Even the most audacious designer can appreciate the versatility of a simple piece like this and everything in this piece says utility. As oak furniture goes this piece shows that a fine material can enhance the value of a simple design a hundred fold.

Stickley has made their name by providing quality oak furniture to its customers, a dedicated enthusiast who knows the value of a well made piece of furnishing and a well graded bit of wood; if you would like to join their ranks have a look through the >catalogue and see which selections of wood furniture works for you.