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We know you’re ready for summer, but is your home?

Saying goodbye to the snow and salt was easy, and with a few days of summer behind us we sure are ready to embrace the sun with open arms, but can you say the same about your home? Here are a few tips to keep your house feeling easy, breezy and beautiful.

Freshen Up

Pack up the heavy accessories, thick throw blankets and pull back the curtains, let the sun shine through to give any space that luminous feel.  Brighten up dark walls with colourful art pieces or add bright fabrics to lift the mood.

TIP: Let chrome shine in any room in your home, from kitchen fixtures to bedroom shelving to allow that freshness to come through.












A Little Feng Shui

Winter had the fireplace as the focal point of your living space. Give your room a new view by rearranging your furniture to focus towards a beautiful window and enjoy that outdoor weather.

TIP: Adding shear or light cotton curtains can change your space from heavy and hot to clean and cool.

Related image










Neutral but Natural

Draw interest in unique ways by adding natural, sophisticated elements to your space. Having a clean “no-colour” space doesn’t have to be boring, spice up your space by layering accessories and adding pops of colour to add depth to an otherwise neutral space.

Image result for neutral and natural interior design wood tableTIP: Shiny, colorful and wooden pieces are essential elements to give your home a spring/summer vibe.













This could be the best summer yet!