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6 Ways to make your Bedroom More Sophisticated

6 Ways to make your Bedroom More Sophisticated:

Are you looking to give your bedroom a luxurious face lift? Thoughtful details and strategic ideas can help make your bedroom look posher and feel more inviting.  Have a look through these 8 tips and tricks before re-doing your bedroom.


1. First, choose a statement headboard. Add a luxurious headboard with a bold colour, tufting or remarkable height. An elegant fabric is also a sure thing to vamp up the glamour factor. Pick something in velvet or linen to really make a statement. They are available in all shapes and sizes, pick the one that’s right for your design taste. An interesting scalloped headboard creates a feminine yet traditional look. Add a tufted headboard to be sure you’re in with the now in 2017.


2. Add glamourous lighting, to ensure you get that WOW factor. You can accomplish this look with a ceiling fixture, table lamps or floor lamps. Statement lighting is sure to make any room look appealing. Shiny finishes in gold, silver, or glass and anything with crystal can make a room go from ordinary to upscale. Bedside statement lamps can instantly give a room that highly styled look you were going for.

 8dcbe227e8ea43ae3e8a6b42e4424e0c.jpgbed and lighting.JPG

3. Choose unique nightstands. Nightstands are an essential part of your bedroom. Often they can be disregarded and used to hold our clutter. Instead, declutter your night tables and clean up the look with just your lamp and a small accent. Candles, a book or a vase of flowers will sharpen up your bedroom in an instant. Choose a luxurious finish like a mirror or a stylish design (See below) for ultimate glamour. If you have enough room you can opt for two different night tables, one on each side of your bed.

korson.JPGstella nightstand.jpg

4. Add stylish seating. An accent chair or bench brings a stylish design element to your room and not to mention is aesthetically pleasing for any layout. An unused space will be perfect for an accent chair to give you a place to sit and read a book or hold any extra blankets and pillows. Consider adding a bench or ottoman to the end of your bed. Seating not only looks good but it also serves a practical use.

 precedent.JPG  classic home.JPG

5. Accessorize. The top trick designers use to add glamour to any room is adding mirrors. Especially in bedrooms mirrors provide functionality and style. Find mirrors with a unique shape or an interesting boarder for ultimate elegance. Even the most ordinary bedroom will benefit from adding a funky mirror. Add extra pillows in high-end fabrics like silk, faux fur, and velvet to your bed for ultra-luxurious style. Lastly, have an extra plush blanket to throw across your bed or accent chair to warm it up.

 surya mirrors.JPGsurya throw.JPG

6. Finish the room with a rug.  A rug is the perfect accessory to tie your room all together. It can be the last thing you lay down or the first piece you start with. Traditional or modern there’s no doubt a rug will add glamour to any bedroom design.