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Stepping Into Fall

As the weather finally starts to turn cooler and the leaves begin to change colours we are getting excited to warm up our homes a little for fall. There is a lot we can do to make our home ready for the cold weather. Keep reading to find out what we are really excited about this fall!

Rugs! Rugs! And more rugs!

Now that fall is in full swing, we are looking for ideas to make our homes feel cozier. We have the perfect solution, a rug! A hand-made rug is an easy and interchangeable way to add texture and colour to any room in your home. There are a lot of great benefits to adding a rug to your room. They help soundproof the space and protect your wood and stone floors.  Add a rug to any room in your home, the kitchen to add some colour, beside your bed in your bedroom, or in your living room to pull it all together. We are loving Persian, Kilim and Kazak patterns for fall.  


Rich Colours

Adding rich hues to your home makes the coldest space comfortable in a minute. Colours we are loving this season are eggplant and olive. They are both sophisticated hues for todays modern homes. Using these colours on featured items in your room adds warmth. These colours are so versatile you can use them in a kitchen or bathroom and a living room or bedroom. To create that wow factor use a rich colour on a feature wall, a sofa in your living room or an upholstered headboard for your bedroom.


Classic Prints

Adding classic artwork to your modern home gives it a vintage and eclectic look. Use something you have inherited or purchase an antique piece to create this look. Old portraits and pictures of vineyards are catching our eyes in a gallery mixed with abstract art. Add a simple metal frame to give any vintage art a contemporary edge. Choosing pieces that you love is ultimately what will make your home yours.


Mixing Modern & Vintage Finds

This season it is all about creating your own space that you feel most comfortable in. Using different trends in your home makes it eclectic and unique. Mixing modern and traditional gives you that collected feel and well-travelled look. Having vintage pieces that come with a story will create life in your home. This will create a fusion so great that it is refined yet relaxed and comfortable.


“Wow” doesn’t come from playing it safe.