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The Allure of Stoney Creek Furniture

Ontario is a region known for an appreciation of craftsmanship and there a fewer examples of this than furniture in the Stoney Creek area. Stoney Creek became a city around 1984 and has become more and more metropolitan. The city's enthusiasm for fine furniture is supported by the growing and ever present availability of fine home decorations and the character of this appreciation makes the region unique.

Like much of the design tastes within the Americas, Stoney Creek has a kinship with old world sensibilities and concepts. However, Stoney Creek is not simply locked into the classical, its influence reach beyond the conventional and to the modern and contemporary. There seems to be no end to the examples of what types of furnishing you could find in a Stoney Creek home or on the show floor of a fine furniture store.

One concept that is pretty mruch universal is fashionable comfort. The Princeton Sofa by Barrymore is a fine example of fusing fine design with liveable comfort in a handsome package that can be integrated into any home. One of the most notable features is a high back and slim lines and fine upholstery over well stuffed cushions all encompassing a late modern design. The variance of this couches design speak to the variety and quality of fine furniture.

There are a lot of examples of mid-modern leather work and you can be sure of its comfort. The Hancock and Moore Patriot Swivel Chair features finely treated, aesthetically worn leather mold into a classically regal shape that would be perfect for an office with a wooden theme. Its swivel feature makes it ideal for the active professional, is well constructed to sustain lasting use, style and durability.

The Stickley Orchard St. Twin Sofa Bed is a more contemporary example. Its show wood is made from treated, solid oak like many other examples of fine Canadian furnishing and its leather has a rich red brown tint. As a sleeper it cushions are well padded so as to allow them to easily be converted into a proper mattress. A comparison between the Stickley and the Hancock elicits the breadth of variety found amongst fine furniture.

Another example of Stickley's finery is the Stickley 21st Century sofa bed. As the name asserts there is a contemporary and forward looking element to its design, but still there is something classy about what it takes from history. The broad mindedness behind this design is found in the minimalism of its three part composition and simple colour pallet. However, the cherry finish is fine and should be treated as such, while the cushions have the early modern element that is indicative of fine furniture style.

If you're shopping for furniture, Stoney Creek area is the place to start. Feel free to browse the catalogue and see what you like.