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The Art of Fine Furniture Design

art of furniture design


In several cases, homeowners pursue interior designs that feature fine furnishings and accessories themselves or seek the professional advice of an interior decorator, the popular trend of fine furniture design is as classic as the furniture is itself. With an exceptional emphasis on solid construction, maximized for comfort and designed to suit a wide variety of styles, fine furniture is the cornerstone of any well-crafted design scheme. Hardwood furniture serves as an investment into your interior design as well as becomes an investment into your future. Custom designer furniture may begin on paper but it ends with a line of products that are not only strong and useful, but they please the senses so that these design materials will still be beautiful for centuries rather than decades. When compared with conventional furniture manufacturing, it's easy to see why an investment in fine furniture is such a popular choice for homeowners. Materials such as hand turned solid white oak, opulent natural finishes and luxurious feathers and down set hand-made furniture apart from factory produced cookie-cutter designs simply based on comfort alone. One of the many reasons homeowners often invest in fine furniture is for its quality and longevity. Family members aren't looking to inherit grandmothers car as much as they are secretly hoping to inherit grandmother's extendable quarter sawn solid wood dining table. The longevity and culture of fine furniture is the basis of the quality and the painstaking design behind the process. The detailed construction and the history of ownership, helps to keep the construction relevant in a modern world where factory produced furniture is cheap and easy to purchase. At Critelli's Fine Furniture, family is important and the Critelli family has been in business for over 100 years. Our elegantly designed furniture brands are created to last so that generations can enjoy these pieces of fine furniture for many years to come. The design is also intended to fit naturally into a wide variety of styles & themes, ensuring each piece is as timeless as the tree it came from. Fine wood finishes on materials like mahogany, maple, oak and walnut offer a wide variety of tones and colors that are perfectly suited for matching or contrasting design themes of all types and styles. Reproduction antiques are also a great part of furniture design that allows homeowners to feature rustic, classic or old world furniture where originals no longer exist and pay tribute to the nature of real-world antique furniture.




Best of all, as solid-wood furniture ages, it holds its value exceptionally well. Because of fine furniture's handcrafted nature involving ornate detailing and careful attention at every stage of construction, this design ensures that it holds it value well because collectors know it will last for generations and will age well with proper care. In fact, many fine furniture pieces actually gain value as they grow older. Stickley Furniture and accessories hold their value exceptionally well and historical auction results (many in the hundreds of thousands of dollars) can attest to how a well-planned fine furniture design can not only keep its original value, and invariably increase its value as the piece ages. See more Stickley fine furniture selections.