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Their motto... is three months is too long to ever wait for a piece of customized furniture. Thirty days seems about right.

In that amount of time their 21st century furniture factory in Dallas , Texas can take your order from concept to completion. Their innovative technology blends with expert craftsmanship to create the highest quality furniture available. It is not only durable but beautiful.

American Leather award winning designers and inventors collaborate with the in-house team to dream up artful designs. Many designs have won the highest accolades in the furniture industry. All of the designs have versatility, comfort and unique technologies. American Leather is also about choices. They offer an array of styles and run the gamut of ageless appeal in traditional styles to striking clean contemporary designs. They style type to match your decor, whether it calls for transitional or something in between. Leathers are their forte, but wide assortments of fabrics add an additional appeal to their line.American Leather

The upholstery frames are constructed of select kiln dried hardwood. Craftsmen laser cut the pieces into precise shapes and forge the hardwood into a piece of furniture. The company chooses a unidirectional webbed suspension with a high resiliency and high density foam. The webbed suspension has proven to increase the life span of the cushions due to its consistent support. Within the framework- eight way hand tied coils add to the luxury suspension of the cushions whether it's a high density foam or down-filled selection.

American Leather offers recliners, sleepers, home theatre, beds and more to complete your home decor. One of the recliner styles that has received accolades is the Comfort Swing, perhaps the ultimate relaxation product within the line. This patented design travels in the exact same arc as would a swing suspended from a 12" rope. The chair swings forward 10" and backward 10". It is designed to provide a period of motion that matches the average human heart rate. This motion provides a therapeutic and relaxing sensation through the body.

Another jewel in their collection is the Comfort Sleeper, the only sleeper sofa that's truly worthy of its name. This luxury sleeper features 5" of high density foam, no bars, no springs and no sag. It has more sleep surface than most mattresses and takes up less floor space. The mattresses are of real sizes in King, Queen, Queen Plus, Twin and Cot beds.

These are also the only sleepers that have Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattresses available. The Crypton fabric mattress cover is anti-microbial, allergen and dust-mite free, waterproof and stain free. The Comfort Sleeper is a space saver and will all the styles available will fit into any decor with timeless ease. Choose leather, fabric, Ultrasuede or microfibre and enjoy a multifunctional, easy to open piece of upholstery.

American Leather extends its lines throughout your home, not just the living room. Home theatre upholstery adds that upscale atmosphere that your media room deserves. From individual chairs to semi-attached sectionals you will find support from head to toe. Create a straightline theatre row using 6" inserts or specify up to 12" wedges for a curved, more dramatic arc for your entertainment needs. Add stainless steel cup holders in most models at no extra charge, sit back and enjoy the movie. Whatever the needs you have for your home, American Leather will provide the comfort and value you are looking for.