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When is it Time to Replace Your Mattress?

Have you not gotten a good night's sleep and don't feel well rested? It might be because of your mattress. Therefore, maybe it's time to look into a new one. cvdxfb Each and every mattress has a different lifespan. Understandably, a quality mattress will outlast a moderate quality mattress by quite a long time. However, it is not only the general quality of your mattress that will affect its lifespan but also the construction plays a very impacting role on the durability of your mattress. For example, the majority of innerspring mattresses are expected to last up to 8 years. Conversely, some latex mattresses may last between 15 to 20 years, reliant on the quality composition of the mattress. Don't forget about the foundation of your mattress. Together, a mattresses and its foundations are usually designed to complement each other in a sets, and it is important not to rearrange them. In most mattress sets, approximately 70% of the wear is in the moving foundation and only 30% of the wear in the mattress. If your old box spring is creating your mattress to slump, if you simply replace the mattress with a new one, the old box spring will bring about a shorter lifespan for your new mattress. The new mattress will start to sag much faster when paired with an old box spring, than it would with a new complementary foundation. If you are using an innerspring mattress and it's just about 5 years old, it's probably time to start thinking about replacing your mattress. you are beginning to lose sleep, waking up still fatigued, or cannot get comfortable in your bed, it is important to contact a local Sleep Specialist to determine whether or not a new mattress is the cure. At Critelli's in the heart of St Catharines, we have access to the highest quality mattresses in the industry such as Sealy and Magniflex. Most of which on are on display for you to come give them a try! We are happy to assist you with all your mattress needs and serve all of Southern Ontario. Visit Critelli's today to get your sleep back!