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White furniture: Do or Don't?


It's not a secret that white is an amazing colour, it is a blank canvas and makes a statement. However, we are not all brave enough to buy a piece of white furniture. White gives us a sense of pureness, goodness, elegance, and peacefulness and nowadays everyone would love a dose of those. Develop a new love for white furniture pieces and take a chance! White is visually calming but excites and inspires within. Let your furniture express your unique personality and lifestyle. Don't limit yourself to just white, emerge yourself in neutrals as they will have the same effect as a white. Layering whites, ivories, vanillas and pearls can create a gorgeously soft yet impressive look. white sofa The best part about white? It matches virtually everything! Mix it with vibrant colours to create a statement piece or a focal point, similar to the design proposal above. A Barrymore Amadeo sectional would draw inspiration with its clean lines and purifying white upholstery. Not only would it be beautiful but it would exude functionality and comfort. You can do white in both neo-traditional furniture styles and contemporary designs; be creative! The photo above (purple) is an example of a fun colourful contemporary design. Conversely, if you prefer a neo-traditional style, don't count out the whites; take a look at the photo to the right for inspiration. In this traditional style displayed in our showroom, the white Harden sofa complements the gold frame of the Christopher Guy mirror and the toss pillows pull it all together with simple elegance. Ready to convert to these purely gorgeous styles? Come in to Critelli's for neo-traditional styles and Transitions for contemporary styles. Both stores are located in the heart of St. Catharines in southern Ontario. Not a fan of the whites? No problem! We have hundreds of fabrics to choose from, come visit us today!