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At Magniflex we focus our efforts and expertise on the experience of sleep. We pride ourselves in delivering the most technologically advanced memory foam products combined with the highest quality Italian craftsmanship and design. Our passion is to improve your quality of life. Our customers love our product because they know they are getting unsurpassed sleep while being pampered on our luxurious fabrics. That’s why they have made us the #1 selling mattress in Italy.

We are the leading mattress manufacturer in Italy. We have been delivering innovative memory foam technology for over 50 years from our headquarters in Tuscany. What began as a small workshop in Prato, is now a leading R&D facility and sleep technology center.

Not all memory foam is the same

What makes our product sought after is the open cell structure that makes our foam more reactive to the pressure of the body rather than to head, as it typical of other memory foam mattresses. Our mattress adapts perfectly to the position of the body during sleep, delivering a restful sleep experience. We have developed a variety of memory foam technologies and we layer them in our mattresses for maximized comfort.

Experience our unique Dual Core difference

Everyone’s mattress needs are unique. Dual Core is an innovative technology designed by Magniflex. It allows you to customize your mattress with your sleeping partner without compromise. Our mattress consists of two cores that are easily adjusted to offer one side a firmer or softer sleep experience depending on your preference.

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